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Alex Smith Done In San Francisco; Buffalo Bills Reportedly Interested

An report suggests that the San Francisco 49ers will trade or release Alex Smith this off-season - and that the Buffalo Bills are among the teams potentially interested in acquiring him.


When the Buffalo Bills played the San Francisco 49ers back in Week 5, quarterback Alex Smith went off. On that day, he completed 18-of-24 passes for 303 yards with three touchdowns, no interceptions and a 156.2 quarterback rating; he also carried the ball three times for 49 yards in a 45-3 blowout win over the hapless Bills.

Now, the Bills are one of a handful of teams that are reportedly interested in acquiring Smith this off-season. That per Ian Rapoport of, who reports that the 49ers will release Smith this off-season if they can't first trade him. The other teams purportedly interested in the soon to be 29-year-old former No. 1 overall pick: the Arizona Cardinals, and potentially the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, as well.

Smith currently serves as the backup to sophomore sensation Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco, though he did not lose his starting job by conventional means; Smith had the 49ers sitting pretty at 6-2 heading into Week 10 when he suffered a concussion. Kaepernick replaced him in the lineup and hasn't let go of the job; it's not often that quarterbacks with a 104.1 rating on the season lose their job due to injury, but that was Smith's fate this season.

His contract is an issue. Smith has two years remaining on a three-year deal he signed last March; any team that trades for him would take on a deal that pays him $7.5 million in base salary in each of the next two seasons. That, plus the 49ers' apparent willingness to release him if he can't be traded, could make him difficult to trade. If he were to hit the open market as a free agent, however, he'd be a sought-after commodity for teams looking for a short-term starter at quarterback.

What's your take, Bills fans? Would you be okay with the Bills acquiring Smith in some fashion this off-season?