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Redskins vs. Seahawks, NFL Wild Card Playoffs: Live Chat

In what has become their annual rite, Buffalo Bills fans watch and discuss other teams playing in the post-season - in this case, the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks.

Win McNamee

Well, we're 0-for-3. After two dreary games got NFL wild card weekend started on Saturday, this afternoon's 24-9 win by the Baltimore Ravens over the Indianapolis Colts didn't do an awful lot to elevate the excitement level surrounding the opening weekend of post-season football.

That leaves Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson to try to salvage an entire weekend of football for fans like us, who have no real rooting interest in any of the teams competing. We're just looking for an honest-to-goodness fun, competitive, four-quarter football game that goes down to the wire. Don't let us down, Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks.

If you'd like to be openly and transparently jealous of each team's young quarterback on a blog specific to each team, be sure to drop by Hogs Haven and Field Gulls. This thread is open for business, however, if you'd rather just be openly and transparently jealous in the comfortable terrain of Buffalo Bills fans.