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Bills vs. Browns 2013: setting up scoring opportunities

Take a look at how the Bills set up a nifty play designed for Lee Smith that should have ended in six points.

If you watched the Buffalo Bills beat the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday, you likely recall - in great detail, of course - a fourth-quarter play in which a lovely play fake by EJ Manuel that should have been a touchdown turned into an incomplete pass when blocking tight end Lee Smith tripped while running his route.

What you may have overlooked in the days following the win is precisely how the Bills and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett set that play up: with two end-around runs earlier in the game that gained first-down yardage, and made Baltimore cognizant of that running game wrinkle.

Flip through the gallery above for a look at the formation used on all three plays, the individual runs by T.J. Graham and Robert Woods, and just how duped the Ravens were by the end-around action on the play that Smith should have scored on.

Hackett, like any NFL coordinator, has been working diligently to set up plays in this fashion all season. (Another good example that we've covered before: a secondary option run built off of a read-option look that the team missed out on in Week 3.) Facing a strong Cleveland Browns defense tomorrow night, we're interested to see what new wrinkle Hackett, Doug Marrone and the Bills can concoct to gain an edge in Week 5.