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Buffalo Bills hire Mike Lyons as analytics department head

The Bills have hired Michael Lyons, a Western New York native and long-time business analyst, to head up the team's new analytics department.


On a Wednesday morning radio appearance on WGR 550, Buffalo Bills President/CEO Russ Brandon announced that the team has launched a new analytics department, and that they've hired Michael Lyons as the team's Director of Analytics.

Brandon and the Bills have been talking about adding an analytics department to the organization's workflow since January 1, when Brandon was handed the team presidency by owner Ralph Wilson. In a statement announcing the move, Brandon disclosed that Lyons will be working mostly with the football operation at first, but that eventually the department will interact with the business side of the organization, as well.

It's worth noting that Lyons, like Brandon, is not a football guy; the East Aurora native spent 25 years overseeing analytics at Xerox.

How the new department will affect the general direction of the organization remains to be seen, but Brandon was careful to note that the new research will not supersede the processes already in place.