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Buffalo Bills news, 10/5: more fallout from Cleveland

The injury reports coming out of the game against the Cleveland Browns are in, as are some intriguing postgame comments - oh, and the Bills released their punter. Normal day.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Bills Focus: Bills RBs Playing Through Pain - VIDEO -

"Bills running backs Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller had a fairly productive night against the Browns despite both of them being less than 100%, and John Murphy takes a look at how their toughness is increasing their respect among the Bills players and coaches."

Doug Marrone cites lack of hang time for Shawn Powell's release - Press Coverage - The Buffalo News

"The Bills have covered 19 punts so far this season, second most in the NFL behind Jacksonville. Opposing teams have 280 return yards against Buffalo, most in the NFL."

Analysis Notebook: Kiko Alonso vs. Cleveland Browns -

"I started off planning to write about the Browns’ love of power-wham plays in this game, but as I went through the tape in more detail I decided to focus a little more on how those plays were being regularly destroyed by a rookie linebacker that is beginning to make waves in the NFL - Kiko Alonso."

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Gilmore, Byrd, Brooks could all return next week -
"This week we get a couple of guys back on the (practice) field," said Marrone. "Jairus Byrd will be back. He was ready to go Thursday night. (Ron) Brooks comes back, (Stephon) Gilmore comes back."

Jeff Tuel only a possibility to start vs. Bengals -
"I would say it’s possible in what we do, only because we’re going through the process right now," Doug Marrone said. "By the end of the weekend I’ll have a lot better feel of what we’re trying to accomplish in who we bring in."

EJ Manuel out for a few weeks -
"We’re looking to bring in another quarterback," Marrone said. "We’re in the process of that right now going through the names, going through the tape. (Bills GM) Doug (Whaley) is upstairs and I’m going up there to get involved in the process."

Jackson and Spiller answer the bell -
"Jackson led the team with two touchdowns, posting 53 rushing yards in 17 plays along with 40 receiving yards on four catches. Spiller, although limited in touches, led in rushing yards with 66 on eight plays including one 54-yard-run for a touchdown after finding a hole in the defense on the third snap following halftime."

P Shawn Powell released by Bills -
"The second-year punter struggled in each of his past two games as kicking with consistency proved to be an issue for him. In the last two games Powell was a bit erratic. Against Baltimore and Cleveland he punted 16 times, but had a subpar net average of just 30 yards."

Inside The Bills | Stevie should be good for Bengals game
"Stevie Johnson had a lumbar strain," said Marrone. "It’s actually already better than expected so I think with the time that we have playing on a Thursday, that I anticipate that he’ll be fine coming up for the following week."

Inside The Bills | Marrone: Hopkins to practice next week
"Still, Carpenter’s leg strength pales in comparison to Hopkins, who will be a weapon that prevents returns on kickoffs. So provided Hopkins comes through the week of practice strong it’s likely that he’s kicking a week from Sunday against Cincinnati."

Inside The Bills | Wood: Browns actions post EJ hit "classless"
"You’ve got (Browns safety) T.J. Ward yelling at Kiko (Alonso), a former college teammate, ‘I told you to warn him that we were going to get him.’ That’s classless," Wood said. "Every team has probably got them. I’m not going to say that nobody on our team has ever done that, but it ticks you off when someone on the other team does it for sure."

Inside The Bills | Fan Friday 10-4
Chris Brown answers questions on Mario Williams' impact as the season goes on, the improvement in the lineup with Byrd and Gilmore returning, Manuel's coolness under pressure, Colin Brown, the death of the screen game, and adding Josh Freeman.

Manuel injury leads Bills to go QB shopping - Sports - The Buffalo News
"You know, Jeff’s working extremely hard, doing everything he possibly can do, and he’s getting better and better each week," Marrone said. "We like him, we really do. But we just want to make sure that we’re doing our due process. Is there someone else out there that’s available to help us? Is there someone out there who’s better?"

Marrone, Manuel pay price for lapses in judgment - Sports - The Buffalo News
Manuel tried to get too much on the play he was injured and Marrone didn't have an adequate back-up plan says Jerry Sullivan. It's hard to argue too much.

Upon Further Review: Buffalo Bills Week 5 - ESPN
"Marrone explained that the rules only allow that sort of penalty to be reviewed when the receiver who stepped out of bounds makes contact with the ball. Since the pass never reached Cameron, the Bills couldn't challenge the call. "

Cleveland Browns' reaction to EJ Manuel's injury 'classless', Bills say - ESPN
"That is completely inaccurate. I talked to Kiko, we went to Oregon together. But any time a player gets hurt you never praise or root for a player to get hurt," Ward said. "There's never a reason for celebration."

MEILER: Buckle up, Bills fans. It gets rough from here - Niagara Gazette
"Here's a look at Buffalo's schedule in the time Manuel's expected to miss: Oct. 13 vs. Cincinnati; Oct. 20 at Miami; Oct. 27 at New Orleans; Nov. 3 vs. Kansas City; Nov. 10 at Pittsburgh; Nov. 17 vs. New York Jets; Dec. 1 vs. Atlanta (in Toronto)."

Refocused: Bills vs. Browns - Pro Football Focus
"After his impressive display against the Ravens last week, Aaron Williams came crashing back down to earth this week surrendering 133 yards and a touchdown on seven targets (five catches) with a 153.3 passer rating allowed."