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NFL Week 5 scores, live chat: open thread

Bills fans have already endured another team loss this week; they commiserate by watching NFL Week 5 action and, perhaps, scouting ahead to next week's opponent in Cincinnati.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills don't play football today - they're trying out potential starting quarterbacks and re-signing punters instead - but that doesn't mean Bills fans won't be watching NFL football this rainy Sunday afternoon in Western New York. This is your open thread for all of today's Week 5 action.

NFL Week 5 scoreboard

If you're in the WNY market, you'd do worse than to spend your 1PM time slot watching today's matchup between the Bengals and Patriots. The Bills play the Bengals this time next Sunday, so here's an opportunity for a little advanced scouting to see what the Bengals are all about. That game is on CBS.

Also on at 1PM on FOX: you can catch the Colts hosting the Seahawks if you're in Buffalo, but you may end up with the Giants and Eagles if you're around Rochester and points east.

Your choices at 4PM become much more limited, with CBS' showing of the Cowboys hosting the undefeated Broncos your only viewing option unless you've paid for some sort of all-games package. I regret not doing that today myself, because I'd have loved to watch Ryan Fitzpatrick lead the Titans into battle against the Chiefs.

Which game are you most looking forward to watching today?