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Buffalo Bills' Colin Brown, Doug Legursky to split left guard reps

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone sounds like he's ready to switch things up at left guard, where Colin Brown continues to struggle mightily.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Colin Brown has struggled mightily in his first five starts at left guard, and comments from head coach Doug Marrone on Monday morning may indicate that the team is ready to make a change at that position.

Edit: Marrone confirmed on Monday afternoon that the team will begin rotating both Brown and Doug Legursky at left guard, effectively re-opening the training camp competition that Legursky won.

Where in previous weeks Marrone has stood by Brown as the starting left guard, in speaking on WGR 550's The Howard Simon Show earlier this morning, he backed off of that stance considerably. Here's how the exchange between Simon and Marrone went down; you can also listen to the exchange here.

Simon: The other position I wanted to ask about was left guard. In camp you had a competition there. Is it Colin Brown's job? Is Legursky getting a shot here? Is he healthy enough to play? Can you kind of give us an update, because Colin Brown has had some struggles. Can you give us an update of your thought on that spot?

Marrone: Sure. I have those two players, they're in a meeting right now. They're going to come and talk to me. I'm going to talk to them first before I comment on where we're going, and I hope that people can appreciate that. I'd rather make sure I speak with them first before I say anything publicly.

Legursky, a springtime free agent signing from Pittsburgh that injured his knee in the preseason finale, was active for his first game last Thursday in Cleveland, where he played one snap on offense. Now that he's healthy and back in the swing of things, the Bills appear ready to give Legursky another opportunity to unseat Brown in the starting lineup.