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Buffalo Bills news, 11/14: EJ Manuel, C.J. Spiller and the New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills came out swinging with statistics to protect their players on Wednesday as they prepare for the New York Jets.

Rich Schultz
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Spiller anxious to get back on track -

"One might be surprised to know that Spiller has one more carry (110) after 10 games this season than he did in 2012 (109). His average yards per carry this season is a very respectable 4.6, despite playing at least three games with a bum ankle. Last year it was 6.6 through 10 games."

Inside The Bills | Marrone answers criticism for Manuel

"People have to understand that having lost those four weeks has hurt him. He was really coming on and to put things in perspective, everyone knows he’s our starting quarterback, there’s no problem there," said Marrone. "But when you look at quarterbacks with five starts and you go back to 2000 with all the young quarterbacks he has the third best rating out of all those quarterbacks. So we’ve got to keep him coming along."

If these two quotes are how the Bills plan on using analytics, I think they might be in trouble.

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Doug Marrone on Jets DL: "Our biggest challenge to date" -
"The Bills head coach talks about the injury situation, facing the Jets for the second time this season, and getting EJ Manuel to bounce back this week."

Doug Marrone on Jets DL: "Our biggest challenge to date" -
"The Bills head coach talks about the injury situation, facing the Jets for the second time this season, and getting EJ Manuel to bounce back this week."

C.J. Spiller: "If you're not hungry, I don't want to play with you" -
"The Bills running back talks about getting off to a good start against the Jets, getting in a groove despite his injury, and his involvement in the pass game."

EJ Manuel Wednesday Press Conference - VIDEO -
"The Bills quarterback talks about facing the Jets for the second time this year, the sense of urgency, and learning from his performance against the Steelers."

Bills Roundup: Preparing for Rematch With Jets - VIDEO -
"The team got back on the practice field on Wednesday in preparation for their home game against New York, with a focus being getting C.J. Spiller and the running game going."

Inside The Bills | Marrone: Woods won’t play Sunday
"That would afford the high ankle sprain a full three weeks off, which should give him a good chance to be ready to return for the Week 13 game against Atlanta in Toronto."

Inside The Bills | The evaluation of EJ moving forward
"We were very pleased with where he was heading before he was injured in Cleveland. Last week was not his best effort or from any of us. But I think that’s where we have to go to see how he progresses along, with his full complement of players as well. Marquise wasn’t in for much of the first four games of the year. Robert Woods was out in Pittsburgh. Stevie was out for most of the Cleveland game. We’d like to see him with his full complement of players as well."

Bills notebook: Bills lose Woods and maybe Johnson; Jets WR Kerley to sit - Sports - The Buffalo News
"The Bills practiced in a bitterly cold Ralph Wilson Stadium, where the winds were 23 mph and the wind-chill was 22 degrees."

Beating Jets, Smith would help Manuel measure up - Sports - The Buffalo News
"This is an ideal setting for Manuel to bounce back after his poor performance in Pittsburgh. The fact that it’s against Smith, who soundly outplayed Manuel in the Jets’ 27-20 win in September, creates a greater sense of urgency."

Jets’ defense puts a lot on the line for Bills - Sports - The Buffalo News
"Entering Sunday’s rematch at Ralph Wilson Stadium, New York is allowing 73.8 rushing yards a game, a total that not only leads the league this year but would stand as the 10th lowest figure in the last 30 NFL seasons."

Buffalo Bills' brass comes to EJ Manuel's defense - ESPN
"Those expecting instant results with Manuel may not be satisfied. Instead, the Bills are preaching patience with their first-round pick. "

C.J. Spiller: 'I just go in when I'm told' - ESPN
"I don't know. I just go in when I'm told to go into the game," Spiller said. "I'm just frustrated that we're on a three-game losing streak. I'm not frustrated with the amount that I'm touching [the ball]."

Rex Ryan on 'ridiculous' EJ Manuel criticism - ESPN
"Well I think it's a ridiculous statement," Ryan said. "This young man beat Carolina. He's been... hey, put him on waivers and see what happens. That's ridiculous. Because he's only going to get better, and believe me, he's pretty darn good right now."

Bills unhappy about facing several teams coming off extra rest | ProFootballTalk
"The difficulties of making the schedule will always leave someone with a short stick, but it’s hard to disagree with the Bills’ feeling that it need not be so much shorter than all the others."

Team practices in the cold - Democrat and Chronicle
"Like I told the players, feet, hands and head, keep that stuff warm and you're in good shape," Marrone said. He then went on to explain why the team was outside on such a blustery day. "When we play at home, and with the wind and weather, I like to practice outside," he said. "The only way we wouldn't is if it became a situation where you couldn't really get a lot out of it."