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Bills vs. Jets 2013: Jets getting big plays from new faces

Faced with the issue of making big plays with brand new skill players, the Jets and coordinator Marty Mornhinweg have put plenty of new and creative things on tape for the Bills and Mike Pettine to prepare for in Week 11.

If you haven't seen the New York Jets play since they beat the Buffalo Bills in Week 3, you haven't witnessed the Jets finding ways to make plays on offense despite a large number of injuries to prominent skill players.

Take their 26-20 victory over the New Orleans Saints in their last game prior to their bye: as evidenced in the above photo gallery, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg reached deep into his bag of tricks to find ways to crack the Rob Ryan defense in that victory.

Mornhinweg was helped by a very poor performance defensively by the Saints; Chris Ivory was able to rip off several long runs simply because the Saints were poor at the point of attack and took horrible angles in the secondary to make stops. But the Jets also got creative in the game, making several nice gains out of the Pistol formation and using reserve receiver Josh Cribbs as a Wildcat quarterback to make plays through the air and on the ground.

It really is quite impressive that the Jets have been able to acquire players like Cribbs, David Nelson, Greg Salas and Zach Sudfeld, then find ways for them to make plays in games that count. The Jets have had their problems offensively this season, particularly with consistency, but they're solid on the ground and are able to generate big plays through the air with rookie Geno Smith. More to the point for their rematch with the Bills, Buffalo's defensive staff has a lot of new wrinkles on tape to prepare for this time around.