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2014 NFL Draft: Bills move down a spot on bye

The Buffalo Bills fell one spot over their bye weekend. Head inside to get the details.

Al Bello

The Buffalo Bills were on a bye this week, and while most of the teams around them didn't win, the half-game Buffalo had on their adversaries was wiped clean. That dropped them a spot in the current 2014 NFL Draft order after a Cleveland loss forced them down to 4-7 alongside Buffalo. The Bills stay ahead of Oakland and the New York Giants, who are also 4-7, based on strength of schedule.

Here's the top of the draft order from our sister site, Bucs Nation. Head through the link to catch the complete list.

Pick Team Record Strength of Schedule
1 Jacksonville 2-9 91-83
2 Houston 2-9 95-78
3 Atlanta 2-9 97-75-1
4 Minnesota 2-8-1 92-81-2
5 Tampa Bay 3-8 99-75
6 St. Louis (via WAS) 3-7 86-86-2
7 Cleveland 4-7 85-88-2
8 Buffalo 4-7 88-86