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Bills vs. Falcons: which Atlanta player would help Buffalo most?

If you could hand-pick one player off of the Atlanta Falcons roster to add to the Buffalo Bills, who would it be?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations! You have inherited the GM post of the Buffalo Bills from Doug Whaley for a day. Tom Dimitroff, GM of the Atlanta Falcons, gives you a call and tells you that to welcome you to your first NFL gig, he's going to let you pick one player off of his roster to add to the roster you inherited from Whaley, making him a very magnanimous peer indeed. Which Falcon would you like to pluck?

Perhaps you're not convinced that EJ Manuel is the long-term answer at quarterback, and would like to import a known commodity like Matt Ryan onto your roster. No one would blink an eye at that decision, considering the importance of that position.

Then again, the Falcons also employ several elite players that could be sorely tempting. Julio Jones, for example, is exactly the type of big, athletic boundary receiver that the team currently lacks. Tony Gonzalez is playing his final pro season, but would be a pretty significant upgrade at tight end for the Bills' playoff push. Jason Snelling would be an interesting add as a goal line and short-yardage specialist, given that the Bills have struggled so much in those particular areas this season.

Another option would be to focus on team needs. Sean Weatherspoon would be a snug fit at inside linebacker alongside do-everything rookie Kiko Alonso. Matt Bosher is one of the league's best young punters and is near the top of the rankings when it comes to net average; he'd be a massive upgrade over fan favorite Brian Moorman. Maybe you'd like to make an argument that there are upgrades to be had on the offensive line, as well.

The choice is yours, Bills GM. Which Falcon would you like to add to your roster?