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Thanksgiving Day open thread: Buffalo Bills playoff implications edition

Happy Thanksgiving, Buffalo Rumblings! Here's who to root for on a Turkey Day with Buffalo Bills playoff implications.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving, Buffalo Bills fans! Who's ready for a day of great food, better people and, for once, games that carry playoff meaning for our favorite football team?

All three games being played this afternoon will impact Buffalo's playoff chances, so you'll want to pay particularly close attention to all three contests. They'll get progressively more meaningful throughout the afternoon, and by the time we get to this evening's matchup between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, the stakes will be quite high.

12:30PM, FOX: Packers (5-5-1) at Lions (6-5)

Former Bills quarterback Matt Flynn leads the Packers into Detroit today, which is interesting in its own right. The Lions losing this game has short-term ramifications on the AFC playoff picture, as it would weaken Pittsburgh's strength of victory. When you get right down to it, however, this will be the least stressful game by far if you're scoreboard watching today.

4:30PM, CBS: Raiders (4-7) at Cowboys (6-5)

Oakland is currently tied with the Bills in the standings at 4-7, so this one is pretty straightforward: do your best to ensure your stomach is as empty as possible before you start rooting for the Cowboys later on this afternoon.

8:30PM, NFLN: Steelers (5-6) at Ravens (5-6)

The Bills are a game behind both teams in the AFC wild card chase. They beat Baltimore in Week 4, but were stomped by Pittsburgh in Week 10. It would be very helpful for Buffalo's playoff hopes if the Ravens could win a big game at home tonight, as it would knock the Steelers down a peg and improve the Bills' tiebreaker situation.

Enjoy the games and the holiday, folks!