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NFL Week 13 early games open thread

The Bills are back in action later this afternoon; in the meantime, there's plenty of NFL action to monitor.

Frederick Breedon

The Buffalo Bills are back in action this week, set to take on the Atlanta Falcons in Toronto at 4:05PM ET. While we wait three more long hours for the Bills to play for the first time since November 17, here's an open thread for today's early games.

Here's another reminder that there's plenty at stake when it comes to Buffalo's playoff chances today. In the 1PM time slot, three games are of particular importance: it would be very helpful if the New York Jets could beat the Miami Dolphins, and if the Indianapolis Colts completed a season sweep of the Tennessee Titans.

Less importantly, but not insignificantly, wins by the Jaguars (over the Browns), the Chiefs (over the Broncos), the Panthers (over the Buccaneers), the Cardinals (over the Eagles) and the Patriots (over the Texans) could potentially help the Bills down the line when it comes to post-season tiebreakers.

Of course, no game is as important today as the Bills/Falcons tilt in three hours. If you'd rather just focus on that game, we'll see you back here at around 4PM.