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Bills vs. Falcons, NFL Week 13: first half open thread

Can the Buffalo Bills start a push for the playoffs with a win over the Falcons today in Toronto? Discuss the game live right here.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

We last saw the Buffalo Bills on November 17, when they thrashed the New York Jets 37-14 at home and, they sincerely hope, kick-started a strong finish to their 2013 season - which could potentially include the word "playoffs". In order for that elusive word to become a reality, the Bills need to turn their Week 11 win into a winning streak - and that process starts in a half-hour, when they kick off against the Atlanta Falcons in Toronto.

You know the stakes. Expectations are high. This is your open thread for the first half of today's ultra-important game. Let's go, Buffalo.