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Eliminated from playoffs, Buffalo Bills at No. 10 in 2014 NFL Draft order

Now that they have officially been knocked out of postseason play, the Buffalo Bills and their fans can begin evaluating the current roster and looking ahead to the draft in earnest.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Before their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars was even over, both the Buffalo Bills and Jaguars had been officially eliminated from the AFC playoff picture though neither team knew it. Miami's win over the New England Patriots just a five-hour drive down the Florida coast pushed the Dolphins to 8-6, officially ending Buffalo's playoff hopes.

The elimination comes at exactly the day and week the Bills have averaged throughout their now-14-year playoff drought: December 15th in Week 14. They were eliminated from the AFC East race a week ago, again right on target. They now face two games against divisional opponents in the thick of the AFC playoff picture in the aforementioned Dolphins and Patriots.

On the flip side, Buffalo fans and the organization itself should be in complete evaluation mode, preparing for the 2014 offseason by putting the current roster through their paces. By beating the Jaguars, Buffalo slipped at least one spot in the 2014 NFL Draft order with Tennessee moving into the top ten. Buffalo finds itself in a virtual tie with the New York Giants for the tenth spot in the draft.

Here's the top 11 from our friends at Mocking the Draft. Depending on whether the strength of schedule is calculated with or without opponents the teams have yet to face, Buffalo may be as low as 11th. This is calculated just based on games already played (i.e. the Patriots and Dolphins are only counted once in the Bills strength of schedule since they have yet to face them a second time.)

Pick Team Record Strength of Schedule
1 Houston Texans
2 - 12 .552
2 St. Louis via Washington 3 - 11 .516
3 Jacksonville Jaguars
4 - 10 .496
4 Oakland Raiders
4 - 10 .504
5 Cleveland Browns
4 - 10 .525
6 Atlanta Falcons
4 - 10 .558
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 - 10 .578
8 Minnesota Vikings
4 - 9 - 1 .530
9 Tennessee Titans
5 -9 .500
10 Buffalo Bills
5 - 9 .525
New York Giants
5 - 9 .536