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2014 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills currently No. 9

The Buffalo Bills lost yesterday and their draft position got worse. Only this team.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The Buffalo Bills blew a golden opportunity to stay in the AFC playoff race with yesterday's 34-31 overtime loss to Atlanta; everything else that they needed to happen, did. You know what that means? It's that time of the year for premature NFL Draft talk!

Most of the teams ahead of Buffalo found a wan to win - including Atlanta - but jockeying in the strength of schedule moved 4-8 Oakland past 4-8 Buffalo. The Bills have moved back one spot for three consecutive weeks and are at the bottom of the 4-8 teams.

Here's the top portion of the draft from our friends over at Bucs Nation. Jump through the link to see the complete order.

Pick Team Record Strength of Schedule
1 Houston Texans 2-10 105-86
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 3-9 96-95
3 Atlanta Falcons 3-9 104-83-1
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-9 110-79
5 St. Louis Rams 3-8 95-93-2
6 Minnesota Vikings 3-8-1 99-88-2
7 Cleveland Browns 4-8 95-95-2
8 Oakland Raiders 4-8 97-93
9 Buffalo Bills 4-8 99-92

Following the overtime letdown, perhaps you would like to take a look at SB Nation's top ranked tight ends. Just throwing that out there. Or perhaps you're in the market for linebackers after the Falcons ran wild. Here are the outside and inside 'backer rankings.