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Buffalo Bills 2014 schedule: opponents decided in Week 17

The Buffalo Bills won't have their 2014 schedule for a while, but after Week 17 action concludes on Sunday, they'll at least know all 16 opponents.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Two games on the Buffalo Bills' 2014 schedule will be decided this weekend, while 14 other opponents - seven home and seven away - have already been decided.

If, as expected, the Bills fall to the New England Patriots on Sunday (the Pats still have a shot at home-field advantage in the playoffs), they'll finish fourth in the AFC East, and their final two opponents will already be settled. They'd play the last-place team in the AFC North at home (that's already the Cleveland Browns), and they'd play the last-place team in the AFC South on the road (that's already the Houston Texans).

A win over New England, coupled with the New York Jets losing to the Miami Dolphins on the road, however, would yield a tie between the Bills and the Jets at 7-9 that would favor Buffalo thanks to their superior record in the division. In that scenario, the Bills would play the third-place team in the AFC South on the road (that'll be the Jacksonville Jaguars), and the third-place team in the AFC North at home (likely the Pittsburgh Steelers, unless they beat Cleveland and Cincinnati also wins on Sunday, in which case it'll be the Baltimore Ravens).

Here's how the Bills' slate of opponents looks heading into the final week of the regular season:

AFC East Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
AFC East New England Patriots New England Patriots
AFC East New York Jets New York Jets
AFC West Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos
AFC West San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders
NFC North Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears
NFC North Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions