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Open thread: NFL Week 17 matchups, 1PM timeslot

While Bills fans await their favorite team's regular season finale, they're chatting about some of the NFL's key early games.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills won't kick off their 2013 regular season finale against the New England Patriots until 4:25 this afternoon, so for now, we're opening up an open thread for y'all to chat about some of the NFL's key early matchups if you're tuning in.

If you're in Western New York, you'll be treated to the New York Jets visiting the Miami Dolphins on CBS, where the Jets are trying to officially knock Miami out of the playoffs, and either the Carolina Panthers at the Atlanta Falcons or the Washington Redskins at the New York Giants on FOX (the latter for Rochester and points east). Two of those three games have playoff implications, but unless you live west of Chicago, up in Maine or between Baltimore and Atlanta, you're likely going to miss the best 1PM matchup of the day: the Baltimore Ravens visiting the Cincinnati Bengals.

I, personally, will be watching the Dolphins and the Jets, hoping for a repeat performance of their Week 16 disaster from Miami so that I don't have to stomach that team making the playoffs. What are you watching today?