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NFL Draft order 2014: Buffalo Bills pick No. 9

The Bills will hold a Top 10 pick entering the off-season for a fifth straight year after their latest 6-10 finish.


The 2014 NFL Draft order isn't quite set yet, but we know that the Buffalo Bills - fresh off of their 34-20 loss to the New England Patriots, dropping them to 6-10 overall - will enter the off-season with the No. 9 pick.

Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 posted the draft pick scenarios for the Bills earlier Sunday morning, and the very first scenario he painstakingly laid out came to fruition: the Bills lost, and both the Tennessee Titans and New York Giants won, putting both of those teams at 7-9 and behind the Bills in the draft order.

It's the fifth straight year that the Bills will hold a Top 10 pick entering the off-season; they held the No. 8 overall pick a year ago, but traded down to select quarterback EJ Manuel at No. 16 overall. The last time the Bills picked outside of the Top 10, they selected Aaron Maybin at No. 11 overall in 2009. They've done a bit better with recent Top 10 picks, yielding C.J. Spiller, Marcell Dareus and Stephon Gilmore.

Here's the 2014 NFL Draft order through pick No. 20, with a tiebreaker forthcoming and picks 21-32 to be decided by playoff action.

1. Houston Texans (2-14)
2. St. Louis Rams (f/WAS) (3-13)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12)
4. Cleveland Browns (4-12)
5. Oakland Raiders (4-12)
6. Atlanta Falcons (4-12)
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)
8. Minnesota Vikings (5-10-1)
9. Buffalo Bills (6-10)
10. Detroit Lions (7-9)
11. Tennessee Titans (7-9)
12. New York Giants (7-9)
13. St. Louis Rams (7-9)
14. Chicago Bears (8-8)
15. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)
16/17. Baltimore Ravens (8-8)
16/17. Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
18. New York Jets (8-8)
19. Miami Dolphins (8-8)
20. Arizona Cardinals (10-6)