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Bills vs. Buccaneers: which Tampa Bay player would help Buffalo most?

If you could hand-pick one player off of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster to add to the Buffalo Bills, who would it be?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations! You have inherited the GM post of the Buffalo Bills from Doug Whaley for a day. Mark Dominik, GM of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, gives you a call and tells you that to welcome you to your first NFL gig, he's going to let you pick one player off of his roster to add to the roster you inherited from Whaley, making him a very magnanimous peer indeed. Which Buccaneer would you like to steal?

You're in luck, because the Buccaneers have a lot of individual talent on hand, and some of it plays at positions where the Bills have specific needs. For example, Vincent Jackson is the type of go-get-it receiver that the team currently lacks; either of their guards, Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks (who has struggled through MRSA this season), would be a massive upgrade at left guard; and ultra-productive linebacker Lavonte David would be a snug fit inside next to Kiko Alonso.

Then there's the talent on hand at positions where the Bills don't necessarily have major needs. Darrelle Revis would slide comfortably into Buffalo's starting lineup (for his former defensive coordinator, no less), displacing either a corner playing well or a young guy that the team likes. Gerald McCoy, a defensive tackle, has arguably been the Bucs' best player this season, and would be a lovely long-term complement to a certain No. 99. Doug Martin (currently on IR) would fit into any offense, and the Bills will have some decisions to make at running back in the next year or two.

Perhaps you're focused on the quarterback position, however, and believe that your Bills GM predecessor picked the wrong rookie quarterback. Maybe you'd take Mike Glennon. Food for thought.

Who would your hand-picked Buc be, Mr. GM, sir?