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Buffalo Bills to scale back offense for EJ Manuel

Bills head coach Doug Marrone plans to scale back his offense a bit for beleaguered quarterback EJ Manuel, who had a career-worst performance Sunday in Tampa Bay.

Scott Cunningham

Following an abysmal performance in Tampa Bay, Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone told reporters on Sunday afternoon that he plans on scaling back his offense a bit for beleaguered starting quarterback EJ Manuel.

"We've been giving him more and more, and now it's a point where you have to re-evaluate that," Marrone said Sunday. "We've been going fast with his progression, and now we just have to look at it and get him started again. And it's not starting over, don't get me wrong. We have to look to see what we can do, and probably cut down what we're doing."

Manuel completed 18-of-33 passes (54.5 percent completions) for 184 yards with no touchdowns, four interceptions and a season-low quarterback rating of 31.2 in yesterday's 27-6 loss to the Buccaneers. The four picks matched his eight-game total heading into the contest, and he was also sacked seven times in the defeat.

The Bills, Manuel and their (likely) scaled back offense will take on a Jacksonville Jaguars outfit next Sunday that has won four of its last five games, but that has also given up 320 or more passing yards in three of four contests. It's also worth noting that the last time Manuel had a really poor game (in Pittsburgh), he responded with a career-best performance against New York.

Perhaps of bigger concern for Manuel and the Bills is finding a way for him to perform at a higher level away from Ralph Wilson Stadium. Here's how his stat line breaks down in games at The Ralph, and in games on the road (note that last week's Toronto game is included in the road tally):

Venue G Com Att % Yds YPA TD INT Rat Sack
RWS 4 75 116 64.7 858 7.40 6 3 93.2 4
not RWS 5 88 166 53.0 921 5.55 3 5 62.9 20