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Buffalo Bills' Doug Whaley On 2013 NFL Draft QB Class

Buffalo Bills Assistant GM Doug Whaley does not see a "total package" at quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft - so if you're projecting a QB at No. 8 overall, it may be time to pump the brakes a bit.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Doug Whaley, Assistant GM for the Buffalo Bills, made some astute, yet pointed observations about the quarterbacks available this year in the 2013 NFL Draft in a Wednesday interview with The Buffalo News.

"There will be guys that develop," Whaley said (via Tim Graham). "With the quarterback class, I see guys with strengths, and there's guys with weaknesses. There's no total package."

Bills fans have long assumed - based largely on in-season commentary from GM Buddy Nix - that Buffalo would be thinking about the quarterback position first and foremost when they're on the clock with the No. 8 overall pick this spring. That may not wind up being the case, and Whaley's commentary speaks to that.

"You've just got to decide the strengths they have and that you put more importance on, and you think they can overcome those weaknesses and develop," Whaley told the News. "There will be some that do and some that don't."

Buffalo's need for a young prospect at quarterback is still a desperate one - they haven't drafted a quarterback in the first three rounds since selecting Trent Edwards in 2007, and none in the first round since trading up for J.P. Losman in 2004. Unless the team is willing to reach on a prospect with their most valuable pick this year, however, more fans need to start thinking about other prospects in the first round.

"But quarterback, all together in any draft class, is the hardest position to put your finger on," Whaley said. "You're always rolling the dice with a quarterback."

Graham, for the record, reports that Whaley listed running back, wide receiver, the defensive line and safety as the deepest positions in the draft this year.