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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Given Dion Jordan By SB Nation

We're looking for reader input on which popular mock drafts the community would like to discuss on a regular basis. Plus, the Bills take Dion Jordan in the latest SB Nation mock.

Jonathan Ferrey

Now that we're officially into the NFL's off-season, we're going to start a(n at least) weekly post rounding up 2013 NFL Mock Draft entries from around the web and discussing the Buffalo Bills picks within those links. Here's the catch: we need your help doing so.

Basically, we're looking for reader input on which mock drafts you'd like to see discussed here over the next few months. Obviously, we'll be discussing the weekly mock drafts from Mocking the Draft (not to mention the annual SB Nation NFL Writers' Mock, in which I have developed a certain notoriety). We'll probably find some from notable national writers that we'll link to and chat about. But you can essentially consider this post open for suggestions as we crowd-source a more robust look at mock drafts this spring.

For now, let's chew on this morning's MtD offering by Matthew Fairburn, who projects Oregon pass rusher Dion Jordan to the Bills with the No. 8 overall pick:

New defensive coordinator Mike Pettine throws a wrench into the equation with this pick. He's a creative defensive mind who likes to attack the offense in a number of different ways. Dion Jordan is the perfect piece for his puzzle due to his versatility and explosiveness off the edge.

Jordan is an amazing athlete with unique size measurements (he's currently listed at 6'7" and 243 pounds, with speed projections in the 4.65 range). He recorded 23.5 tackles for loss and 12.5 sacks for an Oregon team that nearly constantly held a lead in its last 26 games; the book on Jordan is that he's got enormous upside, but never really delivered on it collegiately. Add in the downsides to his athleticism - i.e. he struggles against the run and can't anchor, giving him problems setting the edge - and it looks like he'll be a part-time player entering the league until he grows into his body and polishes every aspect of his game.

Left on the board by Fairburn beyond Buffalo's pick: Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, Georgia pass rusher Jarvis Jones and Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner, among many others. What do you think of the Jordan pick?