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Buffalo Bills News, 2/5: Stevie Johnson Talking "Playoffs" and "Accountability"

Stevie Johnson didn't just talk about his poor effort in the off-season program last week. He discussed players getting complacent in their playoff quest. Awesome.


Inside The Bills | Stevie on 2013: "Playoffs, that’s it"

"Playoffs that's it," said Johnson. "For players to be accountable when things go wrong. That way we bounce back faster. I want everybody to compete with each other. I don't want anybody to be comfortable. How could you be comfortable when it's been 12 or 13 seasons without playoffs. I want everybody to be accountable for their actions good and bad and we get to the playoffs."

I don't understand the "comfortable" or "accountable" parts of Stevie's comments when he says he's not doing what the team asked him to do. I know a lot of players don't follow the off-season regimen, but how can you say this in the same week as your other comments with Jim Rome? I didn't care about Stevie's off-season workout routine until he made these comments, but now it's downright laughable to call other members of his team out.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Superbowl (2/4) | Buffalo Bills Draft

Matt Elder slots BYU defensive end Ezekial Ansah in for the Bills at number 8.

Elder talks up Ansah's ability to play multiple positions in coach Mike Pettine's defense. Still, this pick doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The Bills have invested heavily in their defensive line in Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. You can also lump high picks Alex Carrington and Torell Troup in there. Even in a shift to the 3-4, that would be a lot of resources into one area of the front seven should the Bills add another top pick. He has two quarterbacks off the board before Buffalo picks, and another two come off the board at the top of the second round, leaving the Bills to take a tight end.

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The process of installing a system -
"All the coaches on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball already know the terminology having been immersed in the system before either as a coach or a player. That puts the staff a step ahead, because they don’t have to coach coaches. But there’s also analysis of the system to see if elements of the scheme can be improved or changed for the better."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Johnson Angers Some With Comments On Workouts
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