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Buffalo Bills News, 2/6: The Off-Season Has Begun

The off-season has officially begun, with Buffalo Bills links featuring building a draft board, re-setting NFL power rankings, lists of free agents and more.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bills draft board building begins -

"Everybody gives their report and we all have a round that we put on the guy," said Cook. "We talk and we shake it out. (Assistant GM) Doug (Whaley) is pretty much the overseer, and he'll ask, 'Why do you see him here? Is he better than the guy ahead of him here?' It's really a collaborative effort."

This is a really neat read from and one of the nice changes from the media department at One Bills Drive over the last few years. They reveal the stuff behind the curtain without going into detail to compromise the process. It can be addicting for fans, and it's neat to see the thought processes laid out.

NFL Power Rankings: Ravens earn top spot going into offseason -

"But here's the problem with head coach Doug Marrone's master plan: Who's gonna throw the ball, i.e., run the offense? Ryan Fitzpatrick? OK. Where's Andre Reed, James Lofton and Keith McKeller (whom the offense was named after)? Does Buffalo have the personnel?"

As someone who has been asking the same question, it's understandable that the Bills would rank so low heading into the off-season. I'm not clamoring for Hall of Famers, though. At least they're ahead of the Jets. (Buffalo ranks No. 25.)

More clicks

Inside The Bills | Polian lists Byrd, Levitre among his top FAs
Bill Polian ranks Andy Levitre and Jairus Byrd as "Worth paying big, starter-caliber money." Leodis McKelvin and Tashard Choice are also on the list on varying levels.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Stevie Makes You Wonder
Mike Schopp: "I think Johnson made himself look bad by those comments. You don't want to be a slacker, and you especially don't want people to know you're one. Johnson was all but boastful. At the least, he thinks it sounds cool not to try your best. At worst, he believes it is cool. Neither is right."

Leo Roth: Andre Reed should receive call to Hall of Fame in 2014 | Democrat and Chronicle
"Cris Carter's selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame should help the former Buffalo Bills wide receiver's cause."

Harbor stadium complex: Too good to be true? - The Buffalo News
After taking a closer look at the harbor stadium complex, many politicians are incredibly skeptical.

DeHaven lands on feet in Carolina - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News
He's assistant special teams coach, in case you were wondering.