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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Geno Smith To Buffalo Bills

You're not likely to see Geno Smith mock drafted to the Buffalo Bills very much this spring. Let's talk about it now while it's still happening.

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In all likelihood, you're not going to see West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith going to the Buffalo Bills with the No. 8 overall pick in 2013 NFL Mock Drafts very much this spring. For the moment, however, Tony Pauline at USA Today has exactly that scenario unfolding in a mock published earlier this week, so we're going to seize the opportunity to discuss the possibility.

The 6'3", 220-pound Smith is widely considered the top quarterback prospect available this year, and as such, he's also a strong candidate for the Kansas City Chiefs, holders of the No. 1 overall pick. A three-year starter for the Mountaineers, Smith finished his career with 11,662 passing yards and 98 touchdowns (to just 21 interceptions). He was 26-13 as a starter. He's a big kid with a strong arm, and most consider his upside substantial.

The Bills, of course, desperately need a quarterback. Smith would fit that bill. We're certain that in the coming months, many fans will express opinions in favor of doing what it takes to go get Smith, even if it means moving up from the No. 8 overall pick - something that the Bills have not done under the leadership of GM Buddy Nix. Then again, if Pauline's plausible (if probably ultimately unrealistic) scenario were to play out, they may not need to.

In the event that the Bills were to somehow land Smith this spring, there'd be a good deal of irony to the selection: in three career games against Syracuse and its former head coach, Doug Marrone, Smith's West Virginia teams were winless. Smith completed 63-of-106 passes (59.4 percent completions) for 717 yards (6.8 yards per attempt) with five touchdowns and five interceptions in three career games against the Orange. He also ran the ball 13 times for -59 yards (yes, negative fifty-nine) in those contests.