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The Buffalo Bills Won't Trade For Michael Vick's Current Contract

If the Bills are going to trade for Michael Vick, it will necessitate a rather large contract renegotiation on the part of the former Comeback Player of the Year. Buffalo Rumblings gauges fan interest in Vick.

Brody Wheeler
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

On NFL Network this week, Donovan McNabb suggested the Buffalo Bills would be a good fit for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick if he leaves Philly this off-season. Vick's $15 million salary is the main reason McNabb sees the quarterback being pushed out in the City of Brotherly Love. It's also the same reason the Bills wouldn't trade for Vick.

Vick is due more than $14 million in base salary alone in each of the final three seasons of his contract, per Spotrac. His cap hit in 2013 is $16.9 million, which is more than the Bills will even have in available cap space. That's not to mention the $10 million cap commitment they have in Ryan Fitzpatrick for the 2013 season whether he is on the team or not.

McNabb mentions that Vick's injury history fits the Bills well because of their great stable of running backs. He also mentions "weapons on the outside," which I would assume means Stevie Johnson and the mouse in his pocket. His line of thinking isn't well thought out from Buffalo's perspective, though. McNabb says a lot of guys don't want to go play in Buffalo for a lot of reasons, but fails to ask if the Bills would even want Vick.

If the Bills were to acquire Vick, it would be after he was released, or if he significantly restructures his deal as a precursor to a trade. The question we are posing to you, Bills fans, is whether or not you would even want Vick to be the starting quarterback if he was cut by Philadelphia. Back in 2010, the community was split right down the middle; things have changed since then.