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NFL Free Agents 2013: Buffalo Bills Target List

Buffalo Rumblings wants to watch football. Please help them channel their urge into something productive for Bills fans as we head towards free agency.

Jim Rogash

I want to watch football.

My instinct is to just fire up NFL Game Rewind and aimlessly meander through old Buffalo Bills games - and when that got old, games that were actually entertaining - but I'm bringing my desire for football to the community, because we can turn this urge into something productive for the community.

2013 NFL free agency begins in 31 days, or the rough equivalent of one month. The Bills will, naturally, be pursuing free agent options - both their own and those from other teams. Why not watch some of the community's preferred free agent targets to get a better idea of which we'd like the Bills to pursue?

Here's my pitch: we develop a list of free agent targets, and for each name on the list I'll watch four of his games from last season, then write up a quick synopsis of what I saw on the reel. (Plus, if anyone else out there has Game Rewind, you can watch alongside - we'll develop a schedule - and then we can compare notes in the ensuing discussions for each player.)

I figure with four weeks to play with, I can get through three prospects per week. That would give us 12 articles with in-depth looks at potential Bills free agent targets. That's not a huge number, clearly, so we'll have to pick and choose with care which players we want to discuss.

In order to build our list, we'll open up this very comments section to nominations. Simply comment with the name of the player that you'd like to see profiled. If your player of choice is already listed, "rec" that comment (I'll delete duplicated names to keep things organized). We'll take the 12 players with the highest number of recs, and then I'll build a posting schedule in case anyone wants to follow along and provide their own views.

Sound good to everyone? Good. Let's watch some football. (But first, let's get these nominations and votes rolling in.)