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Andy Levitre Says He Hasn't Received Contract Offer From Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills free agent left guard Andy Levitre told The Buffalo News on Friday that he has not yet received a contract offer from the team.


In a report sure to enrage a large contingent of fans, Buffalo Bills left guard Andy Levitre told Tim Graham of The Buffalo News on Friday that he has not yet received any sort of contract offer from the team that drafted him in the second round in 2009.

"Now that (Jairus Byrd) got his franchise tag, there's a week and a half for them to work a deal out with me," Levitre told Graham. "But I haven't been offered anything yet. We're waiting around to see if something will pop up."

The Bills and Levitre's agent, David Dunn, purportedly sat down to discuss a deal at the 2013 NFL Combine last week in Indianapolis. Evidently that discussion did not yield an offer for the 26-year-old left guard that's started every game in his four-year NFL career.

If Levitre is telling the truth, it says more about Buffalo's priorities in free agency than it does about Jim Overdorf's ability to conduct negotiations with more than one player at a time; if the Bills were serious about keeping Levitre, or thought they had a chance to keep him, they'd have made an offer even while placing a bigger organizational emphasis on retaining Byrd. Then again, Levitre and his agent may be trying to drum up fan angst to potentially spur a better offer from the team.

Levitre made it clear to Graham that he'd like to stay with Buffalo - if fairly compensated.

"If the Bills offer me a fair deal, I would love to stay there," Levitre told Graham. "I'm very familiar with the place. I love the people there. My girlfriend's from there. There are a lot of reasons to be there."