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Bills Free Agent Rumors: Brandon Gibson A Potential Target

Free agent wide receiver Brandon Gibson is "expected to draw interest" from the Buffalo Bills, according to a USA Today article.

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams free agent wide receiver Brandon Gibson is "expected to draw interest" from the Buffalo Bills and the other three teams in the AFC East, according to an article from USA Today. The Miami Dolphins have already contacted Gibson's agent, C.J. LaBoy, but reports are popping up this morning that their pursuit of Mike Wallace is a "done deal".

What's not made crystal clear is whether the paper is reporting that the Bills (and the New England Patriots and New York Jets, for that matter) are interested, or if they're just assuming it based on some media coverage of the idea last week propagated by savvy campaigning on the part of Stevie Johnson. Johnson and Gibson, a fifth-year player out of Washington State, have the same agent. For now, treat this one as a rumor.

Gibson, 25 (he'll turn 26 in August), has found ways to contribute in each of his first four seasons with the Rams, though he's never emerged as a starting-caliber player in that time frame. He's accumulated 174 receptions, 2,090 yards and nine touchdowns in that time frame - 51, 691 and five of which came last season, respectively - but the 6'0", 205-pound wideout has neither the exemplary size nor the top-end speed that the Bills have publicly coveted in a wideout under Buddy Nix.

Still, the team needs a good deal of depth at the position, and Gibson would easily be the second-most proven receiver on the team were he to sign with Buffalo.