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2013 NFL Free Agency Predictions: Who Will Buffalo Bills Sign?

In's listing of the NFL's Top 100 free agents this year, the Buffalo Bills are predicted to sign two - S LaRon Landry and DT Mike DeVito. Who do you think the Bills will sign?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We're now less than six hours away from the start of 2013 NFL free agency. As we continue to await word on who the Buffalo Bills might pursue (and any decisions they're going to make on quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick), we figured we'd throw a link to Evan Silva at, because the guy's an animal.

You see, Evan has listed the Top 100 free agents available this season, then predicted where each of those 100 players will sign. As a blogger, I can't even imagine the amount of time he spent doing this, especially while keeping the predictions rational. For the record, he's predicted two of those 100 players to sign with the Bills, and they're both New York Jets defenders: defensive lineman Mike DeVito (five years, $12 million) and safety LaRon Landry (five years, $25 million).

Once you've given that list a perusal, let's use this as a segue to make our own free agency predictions. Who do you think the Bills will target (and when), Bills fans? (And if you'd like to instead focus your commentary on whether or not spending a combined $37 million on DeVito and Landry would be wise, we're curious to gauge reactions to that, as well.)