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Geno Smith, West Virginia Pro Day: Buffalo Bills' Buddy Nix In Attendance

The Buffalo Bills and GM Buddy Nix were among 28 teams that took in the West Virginia pro day on Thursday, where quarterback Geno Smith had an excellent workout.


What is Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix up to on the third day of 2013 NFL free agency, you ask? He's attending the West Virginia pro day, reports Jim Corbett of USA Today, where he took in the last major pre-draft workout for quarterback Geno Smith.

Reports also indicate that Smith will visit the Bills on March 22 (i.e. one week from tomorrow).

Corbett reports that Nix and the Bills were among 28 teams in attendance that watched Smith complete 60-of-64 passes - two of them drops - in what I'm sure was a very solid pro day outing. (Seriously, when was the last time a highly-touted prospect didn't have a good pro day?)

The 6'2", 218-pound Smith is widely regarded as the best available quarterback this April. He's coming off of a solid Combine showing and a four-year career as a Mountaineer where he threw for 11,662 yards, 98 touchdowns and just 21 interceptions. Questions about just how good he can be linger, and there's also the fact that Smith went 0-3 against a Syracuse Orange team coached by new Bills head man Doug Marrone. Still, when it comes to physical attributes, the general consensus is that Smith has all of the necessary tools to become a quality NFL starter.

The Bills, of course, are holders of the No. 8 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and are in need of a quarterback after Tuesday's release of four-year starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. With only two quarterbacks (Tarvaris Jackson and Aaron Corp) on the roster and the free agent market as bare as can be, the Bills are heavily expected to draft a quarterback within the first two rounds - and there are good reasons to believe that the rookie may end up starting in 2013.