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2013 NFL Draft Order: Buffalo Bills Have No Compensatory Picks

The official 2013 NFL Draft order is now set, and we have the final numbers on the Buffalo Bills' six picks.


The 2013 NFL Draft order is now officially set with last night's announcement of 32 compensatory picks. The Buffalo Bills weren't awarded any additional picks since their 2012 free agent class included a net gain and a pretty big contract.

The exact formula isn't publicly known, but compensatory picks are awarded to a team with a net loss of free agents - meaning a team lost more free agents than it signed. After that, players that get big contracts and played a lot are worth more. The bigger contracts you lose, the higher the compensatory picks you get.

With Mario Williams getting a pretty hefty contract and playing a ton of snaps, nobody saw the Bills being in play for those picks in 2013. Williams' former team, the Houston Texans, received the highest compensatory pick - pick 33 in the third round - mostly due to his massive contract. They also received an extra sixth-round pick.

The most worthwhile piece of news for Bills is the final 2013 NFL Draft order. The compensatory pick process closes the door on the order and Buffalo stands with six picks. Their seventh-round selection is property of the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for Tarvaris Jackson's 2012 insurance policy.

Here's the round and overall pick selection for Buffalo:

Round Pick Overall
1 8 8
2 10 41
3 9 71
4 8 105
5 10 143
6 9 177