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Buffalo Bills Not Close To Signing Free Agents, Says Buddy Nix

In an interview given earlier this week in Arizona, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix told the Toronto Sun that the team is not close to re-signing some of their own free agents.


The Buffalo Bills still have some of their own free agents on the open market, but the team is not close to re-signing any of them. That according to GM Buddy Nix himself, who relayed the news to John Kryk of the Toronto Sun in an interview earlier this week.

"We have things we have to do, and things we have to plan to do to keep our own guys - which we will have some - that in the summer we’ll try to get done before the season, or early in the season," Nix told Kryk. "And we have to keep those things in mind."

If that rationality is not particularly clear (and it's not), this response to Kryk's inquiry about whether or not the team had had recent talks with, or were close to re-signing, their pending free agent players should clear the facts up, at least: "No, we’re not right now."

It's possible that, when explaining why the team isn't more actively shopping in free agency right now, that Nix is vaguely referring to upcoming negotiations with Jairus Byrd, so that the safety can be locked up long-term and avoid signing his franchise tender. That's just speculation on our part, though.

Of the team's seven unsigned free agents, reports popped up earlier this off-season of the team's interest in bringing back two of them: fullback Corey McIntyre and defensive end Kyle Moore. Both players have clearly not fared well on the open market - that's less surprising for Moore, considering how many quality (if aging) pass rushers are currently available to be signed - but neither is apparently close to coming back to Buffalo, either.

The team's other unsigned free agents are quarterback Tyler Thigpen, running back Tashard Choice, wide receiver Ruvell Martin, defensive tackle Spencer Johnson and linebacker Kirk Morrison.