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2013 NFL Draft: Preferred QB Prospect For Buffalo Bills Fans

If you had to pick one 2013 NFL Draft quarterback prospect to start for the Buffalo Bills next season (aside from Geno Smith), who would it be?


One of the most difficult conversations for Buffalo Bills fans to have right now isn't whether or not the team should draft a quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft - it's when and where. Part of the problem is the murkiness of trying to rank a diversely skilled group of quarterbacks behind the near-consensus No. 1 quarterback on the board, Geno Smith.

Consider this poll, then, a small attempt to quantify how this community is ranking that list of second-tier quarterbacks as we near the one-month-away point of the pre-draft process.

Your charge for this post is simple: answer the poll below (and read the question carefully, because we're asking you for your preference, not for a prediction on which will go first), then hit the comments section. Let's face it - it's much more fun to discuss which quarterback the Bills might take rather than what the team isn't doing on the free agency front, anyway.

And if this turns into an open thread for the NCAA Tournament, that's cool, too - but answer the poll nonetheless.