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Buffalo Bills news, 3/22: stadium discussion; free agency's third wave

The Buffalo Bills' new stadium will include a suite dedicated to New York State use. Plus, Buddy Nix opens up about the third wave of free agency. Those two links lead our national coverage today.

Andrew Burton
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Lease will give ‘I Love New York’ a home at The Ralph - The Buffalo News

New York State will have a dedicated suite at Ralph Wilson Stadium during the new lease agreement to host out-of-town executives. They will also use the Bills in their "I Love New York" campaign. Both are a change from the previous leases.

More from my Buddy Nix Q&A | Toronto Sun

"The Buffalo Bills GM talked about free agency, the status of Buffalo’s other unsigned free agents, his options to restock at wide receiver, and how Manny Lawson wasn’t the only outside linebacker the Bills targeted at the get-go of early free-agency negotiations almost two weeks ago."

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Deal Will Give Cuomo Administration Luxury Suite at Bills Stadium -
"Cuomo administration officials said on Thursday that they would, in some circumstances, require public officials who used the stadium to pay the face value of a seat in a luxury box. But the specific details of when officials would be charged and how much they would pay would have to be worked out."

New stadium isn’t the issue – bucks are - The Buffalo News
"Add it up, and an owner potentially pockets tens of millions more a year in a metropolis. I can’t see why he would want a new stadium here, when it’s worth a lot more somewhere else." This is an excellent opinion piece about the next Bills owner moving the team. A new stadium isn't going to change that.

Warren Buffett wouldn't be interested in purchasing the Bills - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News
"If I were rich and somewhat younger, and lived in Buffalo, I'd buy them in a second," Buffett said Wednesday while visiting The Buffalo News' downtown offices for a celebration to honor retired publisher Stanford Lipsey. "But I'm not taking on new things that my heirs will want to wrestle with. There would have been a time when I would have been very tempted."

Is Buffalo's front office allowing itself to get out-leveraged? - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News
"The best-managed teams seem to draft, develop and sign their core young stars in advance of their leverage point of free agency. With someone like Levitre, that seemed like a perfect target for an early extension, taking him off the market with remaining time on his deal. For whatever reason, that didn't happen."

Inside The Bills | Fred: “RB rule applies to me most”
“I don’t think I lead with the crown of my helmet,” he told host John Murphy. “But when you go to break a tackle and a D-B is coming after you, the first thing you do is lower your shoulder and means you’re lowering your head. It’s gonna be interesting to see how they call it. That’s one of the things I like to do, use my shoulders to break a tackle. Those safeties are coming downhill pretty fast, and they try to get their shoulders lower, too. There will be some contact.”

Inside The Bills | Jackson: “We know what we’re signing up for”
“I’m on track ready to go. I’m trying to hit the ground running and do as much as I can. I’ve been cleared by all the doctors so I’m ready to get back into it, and get back on the field and prove to these coaches that I need to be on the field.”

Not much for Bills’ fans to rally around - Olean Times Herald
Man, this is a hard time to be a Bills fan. Any number of members of the Buffalo faithful have told me they can’t find a single reason to be excited about the coming season. I feel their pain.

Getting over the Bills cheating ways | Buffalo Wins
Not Spygate stuff but more "Quit Playing Games With My Heart". NSFW language.

Buffalo Bills Will Continue To Disappoint in 2013 - Rant Sports
"With Williams’ contract hanging over this organization’s head for quite some time, I don’t expect the Bills to be competitive for at least another five seasons. Hopefully, the Bills can make the most out of their mediocrity and earn themselves the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft." There's always a reason to believe...