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2013 NFL Draft: Greg Cosell prefers Ryan Nassib to Geno Smith

Greg Cosell is now the most-respected analyst to claim that Syracuse's Ryan Nassib is the best quarterback available in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

If we're keeping accurate score so far, Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib is a favorite of Russ Lande, Jon Gruden and the Buffalo Rumblings community (without considering Geno Smith). Now we can add Greg Cosell's name to the list, as well: appearing Thursday night on NFL Network, Cosell revealed that Nassib is his favorite quarterback prospect in this year's draft.

"I've got to tell you, my number one quarterback based on the film study I've done is Ryan Nassib - and I've liked him overall more than Geno Smith," Cosell said yesterday.

After citing concerns about Smith's "slow eyes" (read: poor anticipation on throws) and accuracy, Cosell made his proclamation about Nassib unprompted.

"I think he's a much more precise intermediate thrower," Cosell said while comparing Nassib to Smith. "I think the ball comes out with a little bit better velocity at the intermediate level, and I think he's a little more accurate. I like his footwork a little bit better.

"No one (in this class) is at the (Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III) level, maybe not even the (Ryan Tannehill) level," Cosell later continued. "But at the end of the day, Nassib at this point would be the guy I like the most."

Cosell concluded the segment by predicting that more than three quarterbacks would be first-round picks next month - and that he believes Nassib is good enough to land in that group.

"Oh, I do," Cosell said. "I absolutely do."