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2013 NFL Draft: safest bets for the Buffalo Bills

Who do you believe is the safest pick the Buffalo Bills could make in Round 1 of this year's draft?

Kevin C. Cox

The Buffalo Bills news cycle continues to turn at a snail's pace, so we're opening up a noon-hour discussion based off of a reader-submitted question today. This one comes to me via email from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous, and their question goes thusly: "Who is the absolute safest pick for the Bills in Round 1?"

I'll give my opinion on that topic in this article, of course, but this feels like a great discussion-starter for the community at large.

When I think of a "safe" draft pick, a few determining factors pop into mind:

  • The player must fill obvious area of need for the Bills
  • The player must be considered one that can play a lot right away
  • The pick (and player) must be generally well-accepted by the "expert" press
  • The pick must fit in with fan expectations and/or be easily understood

The obvious answer to me, then, is that the safest pick the Bills could possibly make at No. 8 is to take Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner (assuming, of course that he's even available). He fits those above four criteria perfectly:

  • Buffalo has more questions than answers at cornerback with only one locked-in starter
  • Milliner, like 2012 first-round pick Stephon Gilmore, would walk into the starting lineup immediately
  • Most (read: all) draft analysts have Milliner highly-rated, and the need is obvious
  • Bills fans seem generally high on him and view cornerback as among the team's biggest needs

That's my answer, then: the Bills can't make a safer Round 1 investment than if they took Dee Milliner. Who do you consider the safest bet for the Bills among this year's draft class?