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Fred Davis will decide between Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a larger (and potentially longer) offer on the table to Davis, but will it be enough for him to walk away from RGIII?


Washington Redskins free agent tight end Fred Davis will decide between returning to D.C. or signing with the Buffalo Bills, reports John Keim of The Washington Examiner.

Davis visited with the Bills in Buffalo on Thursday, leaving with a contract offer but without an agreement in principle. The 6'3", 247-pound tight end had planned to visit the New York Jets on Friday, but that trip was cancelled, according to Keim - it's not clear whether the team or the player did said canceling.

Most interesting of all is this: Keim reports that the Bills' offer is less than $1 million in excess of the Redskins' offer, and that while the Redskins are offering Davis a one-year deal, the Bills' offer "could be" for two years. Either way, the finances very narrowly favor Buffalo.

Davis is getting short-term offers despite his age (27) because he's coming off a torn Achilles tendon suffered last season. Four and a half months removed from that injury, Davis insists he'll be 100 percent by the time the regular season rolls around, but clearly the Redskins and Bills are skeptical.

In the end, the Redskins have Robert Griffin III, and the Bills, at best, will have an unproven rookie starter without RGIII's pedigree. Washington still seems like the smart play for Davis, but the Bills remain in the hunt - and it's looking like other teams won't be involved.