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2013 NFL Draft: could Geno Smith really slide to Buffalo Bills?

How likely is it that the draft's best quarterback lasts a full eight picks?


It's not often that the top quarterback in a given NFL Draft class slides all the way to the No. 8 overall pick in many mock drafts written roughly a month from the start of the event. That remains the case in 2013, however, as three mock drafts written by very reputable evaluators - Daniel Jeremiah, Charley Casserly and Gil Brandt - have Geno Smith of West Virginia going to the Buffalo Bills with the eighth pick.

Perhaps of even more interest is this: none of the three mocks have a second quarterback going off the board in the first round. In fact, the only writer who even mentions Matt Barkley by name is Brandt, who floats the USC starter as a possibility for the Bills at No. 8 if Smith isn't available.

The question remains, however: might Smith, the nearly universally No. 1-rated quarterback available, fall all the way to the Bills? There aren't any teams with more pressing quarterback situations than Buffalo at the moment - if only from a pure numbers standpoint - but the only team of the seven ahead of the Bills that is a mortal lock to pass on Smith if available are the Detroit Lions. Any of those remaining six teams could conceivably sell the idea of drafting a quarterback early.

Are you expecting Smith to be available when the Bills pick? Or are these (and other) reputable draft analysts sticking too close to their evaluations and not projecting quarterback picks, perceived reach or not, accurately?