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2013 NFL Free Agency: Andy Levitre Lower Priority Than Eric Wood?

With another key interior lineman set to become a free agent a year from now, the Buffalo Bills may elect to pass on Andy Levitre in favor of the cheaper Eric Wood.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills guard Andy Levitre is set to hit free agency in less than a week. Many Bills fans are sweating the prospect, claiming that Levitre's status as the top free agent would make it hard to replace him. The team may have other long-term plans on the offensive line, though, which would make re-signing Levitre for big money a bad move.

A year from now, center Eric Wood's contract expires. He'll likely be one of the top players at his position on the market at that point, like Levtire is now. Center is a cheaper position to re-sign than guard, but it's likely Wood will vault into the top echelon of centers should he enter the free agent market despite his injury history. New York Giants pivot David Baas makes $5.5 million a season as the fifth-highest paid center in the NFL.

After signing Kraig Urbik to a deal that averages $3.375 million a season, it's conceivable that Buddy Nix and company won't want to commit north of $15 million on a yearly basis to their three interior offensive linemen. That's assuming Levitre is asking for more than $6 million a season - a number that would make him just the ninth-highest paid guard in the NFL, and is surely a Bills-friendly figure.

If I have to choose between the two, I would pick Wood over Levitre. If Buffalo doesn't re-sign Levitre this off-season, it's likely they will have made that same decision. What about you, Bills fans? Which would you choose?