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2013 NFL Free Agents: Tennessee Titans To Target Andy Levitre, Per Report

When Buffalo Bills guard Andy Levitre hits the open free agent market, the Tennessee Titans are among his many potential suitors, per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Count the Tennessee Titans among what could wind up being a long list of suitors for Buffalo Bills free agent guard Andy Levitre.

Reporting for The Tennessean, Jim Wyatt wrote the following of the Titans and Levitre on Wednesday: "The Titans will be aggressive early in free agency in trying to find at least one quality offensive lineman. Bills guard Andy Levitre will be one of their targets, though he’s expected to get plenty of attention on the market."

Tennessee and head coach Mike Munchak - himself a Hall of Fame offensive lineman - are roughly $19 million under the salary cap, so the money is there if they're willing to commit the salary to Levitre. Then again, the Titans are also reportedly interested in wide receiver Mike Wallace, which could eat up a considerable chunk of that cap figure before getting to Levitre.

The Titans have already signed another former Bill - safety George Wilson - this off-season. If Levitre hits the open market he's expected to receive more interest than from just Tennessee, though no other potential suitors have yet been named. Levitre and his representatives can begin negotiating with other teams this Saturday, but can't sign a free agent contract until the signing period begins on the afternoon of March 12.