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2013 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Help Needed

Brian Galliford sucks at picking players in the annual SB Nation NFL Mock Draft - so this year, he's asking for help from the Buffalo Rumblings community.


Within the next couple of weeks, work will begin on the 2013 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft - the annual NFL bloggers' mock draft hosted over at Mocking the Draft. It will be the seventh year that I've been charged with picking for the Buffalo Bills. As I suck so spectacularly in this role, I'm looking for help from the community this year.

I mean, seriously - it's bad. In six previous mock drafts I've picked 13 players. Three of them - 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, Seahawks center Max Unger and Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson - are actually good NFL players at the moment (though a fourth, Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones, might get there as well). My bust ratio is absurdly high, and includes first-round picks like Malcolm Kelly, Aaron Maybin and Jimmy Clausen.

But I'm too proud. I won't fire myself. I'll get this right, I promise. As such, I'm looking to form a Buffalo Rumblings Mock Draft Committee this year. This post is my freely admitting that I'm going to need help to get it right - and as a side bonus, our picks this year will be less "Galliford" and more "Buffalo Rumblings," which is rarely a bad thing.

I unfortunately can't run the pick by the whole community (i.e. put it up to a vote or something along those lines). We make picks ahead of time behind the scenes before they go live on MtD, and I can't let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Therefore, it'd be great if a team of 2-4 of the community's members could be nominated to form our committee, which will group-think the pick (and probably talk me out of my mock drafting insanity).

Consider this thread open for Mock Draft Committee nominations - unless there's an objection to the approach (which, if you look at the list of picks I've made below, there really shouldn't be). Let's make sure that Buffalo Rumblings makes good mock draft picks this year, shall we?

Year Rd Player Pos. College
2007 1 Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
2007 2 Antonio Pittman RB Ohio State
2007 3 Quincy Black LB New Mexico
2008 1 Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
2008 2 Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M
2009 1 Aaron Maybin DE Penn State
2009 2 Max Unger C Oregon
2010 1 Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
2010 2 Eric Norwood OLB South Carolina
2011 1 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
2011 2 Jake Locker QB Washington
2012 1 Mike Adams OT Ohio State
2012 2 Chandler Jones DE Syracuse