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2013 NFL Free Agency: Rumor Mill Open Thread

NFL teams are negotiating with 2013 free agents, and Buffalo Rumblings is keeping track of all of the latest news and rumors.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

NFL teams can negotiate with 2013 free agents as of midnight last evening, but with the league sending out a memo to teams trying to keep the rumor mill to a dull roar, the rumor mill has, well, been kept to a dull roar.

Nonetheless, we understand that Buffalo Bills fans are itching to discuss any and all rumors this weekend, so here's your free agency open thread to carry you through tomorrow evening. (If any actual news breaks, we'll cover it, of course.)

In my opinion, this weekend will be more noteworthy from a re-signing standpoint than a rumors standpoint; don't be surprised if the Bills make a re-signing or two as their own free agents get a better sense for what they can (or can't) draw on the open market. Leodis McKelvin, in particular, strikes me as a player that probably will get his best offer from Buffalo now that the defensive back market is over-saturated, and may re-sign in short order as a result. (Yes, that is all speculation on my part.)

Have at it, folks. Again, if any news breaks, we'll have it covered as usual.