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2013 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills quarterback plans altered?

Does the presence of Kevin Kolb make it less likely that the Bills will draft a quarterback in Round 1?

Dilip Vishwanat

We'll be officially worried about the state of your fanhood if you're still unaware, but in case that's true: the Buffalo Bills agreed to a two-year deal with Kevin Kolb over the weekend. Terms of the deal are still not completely known, and the Bills have not officially announced the move, but the agreement is reportedly in place.

I posted my complete thoughts on the decision yesterday, but I wanted to open the discussion up a bit further by posing a question to the community: do the Bills' draft plans in Round 1 of the 2013 NFL Draft change as it pertains to a quarterback?

In the week-plus prior to the Kolb signing, the idea of taking a quarterback at No. 8 had been gaining a lot of momentum within the fan base. Matt Barkley was suddenly the focal point of draft-related discussions, and fans continued to tout the idea (justifiably) that if the team needed a rookie starter, they might not be able to wait until the second round to get one.

Now, the Bills might not need a starter for the 2013 season - but their decade-long need for a franchise-caliber player at the position hasn't changed at all. The question is simple, then: do you think the Bills are now less likely to take a quarterback with their fourth straight Top 10 pick in 24 days?