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Greg Cosell on Kevin Kolb: Buffalo Bills have a "professional quarterback"

Hard opinions on the Kevin Kolb signing in Buffalo rolled in on Monday. Greg Cosell's was the most intriguing.

Norm Hall

As we continue to await official confirmation that veteran quarterback Kevin Kolb will be joining the Buffalo Bills, we'd like to direct your attention to this Q&A with Greg Cosell of NFL Films, posted late Monday evening by John Kryk of The Toronto Sun. In it, the venerable Cosell gives his take on the Bills' addition of Kolb.

Two items of interest caught our attention:

  • Cosell calls Kolb a "professional quarterback": Cosell, who like many is lukewarm on the quarterback prospects available in the 2013 NFL Draft, believes that the Bills are banking on their running game and better pass protection than what was in Arizona to turn Kolb into an efficient starter. Says Cosell: "Ryan Fitzpatrick, other than a few stretches here and there, was not an efficient player. Theoretically what you’re trying to do is make Kevin Kolb (play like) Alex Smith. While that’s not necessarily great, as we know, it’s efficient."
  • Where Cosell slots Kolb: Cosell is not as high on potential first-round pick Matt Barkley as most, calling him a fourth-round talent earlier this off-season. The other popular quarterback projection for the Bills is Ryan Nassib of Syracuse, a player that Cosell is high on, even going so far as to liken him to a young Drew Brees. Where does Kolb fit in the 2013 NFL Draft picture? "I think he’s a little better than Matt Barkley," Cosell told Kryk. "He doesn’t throw it as well as Ryan Nassib."

It's just one man's opinion, but it's an interesting take from a respected mind. For those of you that were down about the signing when the news broke over the weekend - has your tune changed at all over the last few days?