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2013 NFL Draft rumors: "Growing belief" Bills will take Ryan Nassib

The Bills taking Ryan Nassib at No. 8 in the 2013 NFL Draft is no longer considered a longshot.


ESPN's Chris Mortensen has been tweeting up a storm this fine Sunday afternoon, and he threw out an interesting tweet regarding the Buffalo Bills and Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib in regards to Thursday's 2013 NFL Draft.

For the uninitiated to Twitter: everything after "RT" is the original question asked by a Bills fan, and everything before it (i.e. "Growing belief around NFL it's Nassib or trade down if they can") is what Mortensen is hearing about the Bills' No. 8 overall pick. Which is, of course, fairly newsworthy, as we're roughly 96 hours away from the start of the first round.

This isn't even close to the first time Nassib has been connected to the Bills, and it obviously won't be the last - but after last week's pre-draft luncheon, the idea of the Bills taking Nassib at No. 8 has picked up steam, as has the assumption that the Bills will be taking someone at the position with the pick.

In an ideal world, the Bills will be able to trade down a few spots, pick up an extra draft choice or two and still get Nassib. Mortensen seems to be hearing that that's exactly what Buddy Nix would like to do. Then again, with the idea of the Bills choosing Nassib so glaringly obvious - and with Nassib's stock hotter than arguably any other quarterback's - it's conceivable that if the Bills want to make sure they get Nassib, they're going to have to stay put in the first round.

It's going to be a crazy week, folks - and the rumor mill is only now powering on.