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2013 NFL Draft rumors: Buffalo Bills open thread

The Bills want to trade down, and Buddy Nix is still gushing about the quarterback class. More Bills draft rumors as we hear 'em.


With only a little more than two days until the start of the 2013 NFL Draft, the rumor mill is starting to churn at a faster pace, and the Buffalo Bills - as the neediest team at quarterback this year - are often the subject of these rumors. As such, we wanted to throw up a quick open thread for fans to chew on the latest and greatest hearsay popping across your computer monitors, handheld devices and televisions.

We'll start it off with this one, which came earlier this morning via ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Also, in case you're in the mood to start a few rumors of your own, be sure to listen to the latest Buddy Nix interview, which was with ESPN's John Clayton. Audio from that interview is here.

Oh, and this:

This post will be updated with more tidbits as the day goes on, but if you're into the rumor mill stuff, the comments section of this post will be the place to be.