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2013 NFL Draft rumors: Tavon Austin tops Buffalo Bills board

Ian Rapoport is hearing that Tavon Austin comes in at No. 1 on the Buffalo Bills' draft board.


As far as 2013 NFL Draft rumors and the Buffalo Bills go, it doesn't get much bolder than this draft-morning gem from Ian Rapoport of, who claims that West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin sits atop the team's draft board:

There is, of course, a very distinct possibility that the quarterback-needy Bills are simply floating this to try to entice teams to trade with them to get ahead of the New York Jets - who are reportedly highly interested in the productive speedster - in an effort to better position themselves for a Round 1 quarterback.

That's one possibility. Another is that the Bills are trying to drum up trade interest, and Austin sits atop their draft board. And another is that Austin sits atop their draft board and the Bills would be perfectly content to draft the 5'8", 173-pound playmaker to team up with C.J. Spiller.

As a matter of fact, it's looking like the former: Rapoport also reported on NFL Network that he's hearing that though Austin is atop the Bills' board, they're intent on taking Ryan Nassib, and are currently leaning towards simply taking the Syracuse quarterback at No. 8 and moving on with their weekend.