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2013 NFL Draft live chat for Buffalo Bills fans

Buffalo Bills fans get the discussion rolling with the 2013 NFL Draft set to begin shortly.


It doesn't start for a little more than an hour, but why wait to chat among friends? Welcome, Buffalo Bills fans and devoted Buffalo Rumblings community members, to the start of our coverage of the 2013 NFL Draft.

This, believe it or not, will be the seventh NFL Draft that we have covered, dating back to the 2007 NFL Draft. Every year our coverage works essentially the same way - we have lots of posts with lots of comments, and plenty of open discussion threads for the down time between picks.

For those of you that are brand new to the blog, the post you're currently reading will serve as a catch-all discussion thread for the lead-in to the start of Round 1, and it'll carry us straight through the first move the Bills make. Whether the Bills trade down (or up) or stand pat at No. 8 to take a player, we'll have a post on the decision, and discussion will shift to that thread (which will contain an approval poll, as well) for the remainder of the evening - or until the Bills make another move.

Once the evening concludes, we'll have a Round 1 recap post up for the night time crowd, and I'll be up until the wee hours of the morning preparing content for early on Friday. From there it's wash, rinse and repeat for the remainder of the draft, with plenty of news, links, rumors and live chats coming your way.

My humble suggestion: grab your refreshment(s) of choice, align your TV and your laptop optimally for the perfect viewing and blogging experience, and enjoy the draft with this excellent community of Bills fans. Very little in NFL fandom matches the ephemerality of emotions from a fan base on draft night; we're looking forward to spending the next three days with you. Have fun, and go Bills!